1982 Certificate: pg


A terabyte of 80s-style computer action starring Jeff Bridges as a hacker who becomes trapped inside a fiendish videogame. Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan help his cause but there's no escape from David Warner's omnipresent villain. A pulsating sci-fi thriller wrapped inside a piece of techno-history, it's finally got a remake... nearly 30 years after the main event.


  • Steven Lisberger


  • Jeff Bridges

  • David Warner

  • Bruce Boxleitner


Jeff Bridges plays a young computer games designer whose ideas are being stolen, in this visually inventive sci-fi adventure.

To cut a fairly simple goodies v baddies story sideways, Jeff ends up inside a computer, doing battle in an alien, electronic world.

A simple story it may be, but one that's rattled along by director/writer Steven Lisberger at the pace of a pin-ball game, and the ground-breaking computer graphics are truly dynamic.

David Warner does his usual essay in sneering nastiness as the baddie, and the film is action-packed fun from start to finish.