2008 Certificate: pg


Pixar's revolutionary 1995 animated wonder gets a three dimensional makeover for a new generation. Pull-string cowboy Woody and his space commander rival-turned-buddy Buzz Lightyear head to infinity... and beyond in a digitally pristine release. However, it's still the core values of cracking characterisation, sharp scriptwriting and deft plot that distinguish the triple Oscar-nominated children's classic.


  • John Lasseter


  • Tom Hanks

  • Tim Allen

  • Don Rickles

  • Jim Varney


How do you improve on a near perfect children's animated classic? Well, you add another dimension.

The original 1995 outing has been wheeled back into the studio and given a 3D makeover and a digital polish.

Lanky cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), self-assured space ranger Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and their traditional toy chums were always fully-rounded creations...but now they get the benefit of glorious 3D.

Unlike the 3D makeover A Nightmare Before Christmas, Pixar have completely overhauled the original with a computerised reboot for every frame.

Yet the fresh look serves the story and is never allowed to overwhelm it, leaving a beautifully judged yarn to unwind and enchant a new intake of young cinemagoers.

Woody finds himself put out by the arrival of Buzz in central place in the affections of their master and fellow toys - grumpy Mr Potato Head, Hamm the pig and Rex the neurotic dinosaur.

Yet the pair are forced to put their differences aside when they find themselves in the outside world...and at the mercy of the malicious Sid, a teenage neighbour with a morbid love for dissecting his playthings.

As the first fully computer animated feature film, Toy Story wowed an audience that had never seen its like before. The 3D version raises the bar still further with the original's chase sequences - particularly the pursuit of the removals lorry - never looking better.

Audiences clocking it for the first time will be flying...in style.