2009 Certificate: 15


A sassy, sexy, slasher shocker, this British frightener is a rough diamond. A fat, friendless asthmatic schoolboy is driven to suicide by classroom bullies and indifferent teachers, only to return from the dead to wreak revenge. Stormbreaker's Alex Pettyfer leads the tormentors who put their happy slapping and more online, and with brains in the script as well as on the walls Britain's first homegrown slasher is a winner. Welcome to Grange Hell.


  • Jon Wright


  • Calvin Dean

  • Tuppence Middleton

  • Alex Pettyfer

  • April Pearson

  • Dimitri Leonidas

  • Larissa Wilson


Who would have guessed life still lingers in the slasher movie, and can be found in middle England?

Capitalising on the recent run of British horror hits (The Children, Eden Lake, The Cottage), writer Stephen Prentice grabs Scream, Halloween, Heathers, and Friday the 13th and Skins them up for this clever, knowing, hot-blooded carnage carnival.

The attractive cast, including Skins' Pearson and Wilson and a typecast breaking Pettyfer, devour their petty, vindictive characters, so when mayhem ensues their gruesome exits guarantee cheers in the aisles.

Wonderfully named newcomer Tuppence Middleton is a stand-out as the good girl in a bad crowd who isn't as pure as her Oxford Uni acceptance suggests.

But, best of the bunch is Dean as the put-upon Darren Mullet, imbuing his tragic monster with a touch of Boris Karloff pathos in the online clips of his living torment, and coming across quite menacing when returning to slice up his victims.

Blackly comic, Prentice and director Wright go for the jugular and the funny bone - Mullet texts threatening emoticons to his victims, an eye for an eye is taken a one step too far, and happy slap victims everywhere will rejoice at one handy piece of splatter.

Wright directs with bags of energy, realising he is in direct competition with Twitter, texting, or whatever else his low attention span target audience are liable to do in the dark.

Which is why Tormented works so successfully. The laughs are funny, the scares genuine, and the flashbacks to Darren's caught on camera torture all too believable.

And who can't love a film in which Goth EMOs listen to a band called Crying While W*nking, and the portly zombie/ghost/unstoppable killer wotsit drowns a bully in the pool by sitting on her?