1975 Certificate: 15


While on the run from rogue CIA goons, bookish New Yorker Robert Redford is forced to kidnap photographer Faye Dunaway to stay alive. The late Sydney Pollack keeps the intrigue tight and the action fast in this cracking precursor to the Bourne movies and fast-paced conspiracy thrillers like Enemy of the State.


  • Sydney Pollack


  • Robert Redford

  • Faye Dunaway

  • Max von Sydow

  • Cliff Robertson


Bookish CIA researcher Robert Redford finds himself the only survivor when his section is massacred in director Sydney Pollack's gripping, tense conspiracy thriller.

Narrowly avoiding further assassination attempts, he noses his way towards the rotten core of an organisation where a friend could become an enemy in the space of a phone call. Will Redford survive? The suspense is killing us!

With its atmospheric nighttime sequences and Redford's edgy performance, this great movie maintains its suspense all the way.