2012 Certificate: 12


Bane of Gotham City Tom Hardy and Chris 'Captain Kirk' Pine square up for romantic rivalry as a pair of CIA hotshots who discover they are dating the same woman: the delectable but devious Reese Witherspoon. Charlie's Angels director McG handles the combustible mix of adrenaline and testosterone in an action comedy designed to stir up both sexes.


  • McG


  • Reese Witherspoon

  • Tom Hardy

  • Chris Pine

  • Chelsea Handler

  • Laura Vandervoort


Reese Witherspoon (silliness credentials: Legally Blonde) is Lauren, the bright-as-a-button but unfathomably single thirtysomething who is cajoled by an odious friend into joining a dating website.

There she meets the sweet and honest Tuck (Hardy) and the two instantly hit it off.

Moments later, though, she meets Tuck's best friend FDR (Pine), a more accomplished womanizer than his buddy, and well, hits it off with him too.

However, since Tuck and FDR have been friends since childhood, when they find out they have both fallen for the same gal, make a doomed "gentleman's agreement" to fight fair.

The three-way comedy of errors is a well-worn but trusty premise, and seeing the two men fight it out on the dating scene is good fun. It is here that the film is at its slickest, moving effortlessly from clubs to clay pigeon shooting, and from art galleries to trapezes, as each man tries to prove his mettle.

Credibility-wise, eyebrows will undoubtedly rise at everything from the youth, haplessness and affluence of two hardcore CIA hitmen to the suggestion that they'd be daft enough to redirect billions of dollars' worth of surveillance technology to bug some girl's apartment...

But, engineered as it as to be a purely knockabout lark, ignore the implausibles and roll with the flow.