2012 Running time: 98 Certificate: 15 Not yet rated
KA The Watch


When the eviscerated body of a security guard is discovered at the local Costco, suburban do-gooder Evan (Ben Stiller) puts the call out for local guys to join his neighbourhood watch. Unfortunately, the three that do turn up are Vince Vaughn's ageing jock, Jonah Hill's frustrated wannabe cop and Richard Ayoade's strange, bespectacled Brit. The reluctant vigilantes soon learn that their foe is bunch of aliens with invasion on their mind. Crude but funny sci-fi horror from Saturday Night Live veteran Akiva Schaffer.


  • Akiva Schaffer


  • Ben Stiller

  • Vince Vaughn

  • Jonah Hill

  • Richard Ayoade

  • Rosemarie DeWitt


Spare a thought for the humble folk of Glenview, Ohio - all they've got between them and an alien invasion is the two blokes out of Dodgeball.

Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn re-team for the first time since the 2004 classic alongside a surprisingly down-the-bill Jonah Hill and Brit newcomer Richard "The It Crowd" Ayoade.

Recruited by Stiller's Evan, a store manager and attentive hubbie with a low sperm count, they're the neighbourhood watch put together after the slashed remains of a security guard were discovered at the local Costco.

As reluctant vigilantes, they patrol the middle class streets in an SUV and are constantly at loggerheads with the town's ineffective, cops led by the dim-bulb plod Sgt Bressman (Forte).

It's a humdrum routine of swigging Bud and peeing in beer cans until it all kicks off when they discover a rangy, goo-spewing alien chomping away at a retired marine in his back garden.

This jocularly vulgar buddy-com never sees Stiller, Vaughn and co firing on all comedy cylinders but there are enough laughs to make it worthwhile if a little short-changed.

Ayoade is the most intriguing addition to the team, an actor who - like Stiller - has demonstrated he's equally able behind the camera after directing the likeable British comedy Submarine.

Vaughn's happy to reprise his overgrown jock schtick while a slightly bewildered Rosemarie DeWitt doesn't get much mileage out of her role as Stiller frustrated wife.

It's amiable bordering on lazy as opposed to rivetting - it's difficult to see the point of The Watch.

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