2012 Certificate: 12


The idyllic love affair between married young bohemians Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams is blown apart when they're injured in a road accident. He survives with cuts and bruises but she recovers consciousness suffering amnesia without a clue who her husband is. It's up to him to woo her all over again... but her past is reluctant to release her. Apparently based on real events. this sugar-coated romantic drama will appeal to the legion of fans McAdams won in The Notebook.


  • Michael Sucsy


  • Rachel McAdams

  • Channing Tatum

  • Jeffrey Donovan

  • Lucas Grabeel

  • Sam Neill


What would you do if a car crash plunged your wife into deep amnesia with no recollection of who her husband was?

Well, caring Channing Tatum decides to throw a surprise homecoming party populated by guests whose indentities have been completely wiped from her memory.

The unfortunate guest of honour at a party where she literally doesn't know anyone is Paige (McAdams), a free-spirited Chicago lass who gave up a career in law to become a sculptress.

Tatum plays her devoted hubbie Leo, a buff metrosexual recording studio boss who's in the habit of asking her to move in with him...spelt out in blueberries on a plate.

When a grit-spreader ploughs into the back of their car on a snowy night, the trauma suffered by Paige means she regresses to her previous life as a dutiful daughter to Sam Neill's bossy patriarch and girlfriend to Scott Speedman's smarmy yuppie.

Poor old Leo is left on the sidelines, desperately trying to tempt Paige back into his life but ending up staring into space with only an abandoned kitten for company...

Snuggle up for this slightly more mature match-up of 50 First Dates and 13 Going On 30.

While the premise is quite promising, the dead hand of Valentine's Day co-writers Abby Kohn and Marc Silberstein supplant the human interest potential with a mawkish rom-com sensibility.

Leo's stern philosophical voiceovers sound like the longest Hallmark verse in history while there is never any sense that this is going to end up anything other than tickety-boo.

The only upside, it seems, is that Rachel probably won't recall Channing's performance as hoofer Tyler in Step Up 2 The Streets.