2011 Certificate: 18


A biker house party deep in the Californian woodland ends in horror when a vicious gang of spectral 1950s rockabillies gatecrash in search of a guest who has something they want. The splendidly-monikered Butcher Brothers fashion a skewed 70s-influenced collision between indie splatter fest and surreal sci-fi thriller. Cory Knauf plays the biker who stands in their way while Joe Egender steals the bloody show as the unhinged leader of the rockabilly gang.


  • Mitchell Altieri

  • Phil Flores


  • Cory Knauf

  • Taylor Cole

  • Bret Roberts

  • Christina McDowell

  • Tiffany Shepis


They're normally regarded as be-quiffed delinquents who favour 1950s rock'n'roll and indulge in the odd ruck on the seafront on an August Bank Holiday.

However, in the Butcher Brothers' bloody hands they - rockabillies that is - become an ethereal gang of killers who toy with their victims and think nothing of slashing throats or plunging knives into backs. A lot.

The target of their playful ire is a violent gang of Californian bikers who have headed up to the hills to party hard at a remote farmstead.

Among them is sluttish Michelle (Shepis), the former squeeze of gang-member Cody (Knauf), and the unwitting target of the rampaging rockabillies...because she's pregnant.

The Butcher Brothers - aka music producers Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores, whose services have been used by luminaries from Bob Dylan to Nine Inch Nails - have crafted an odd genre mash-up which veers from biker drama to sci-fi thriller to slasher fest without ultimately settling on one theme.

There's some decent stuff - the acting is above par for this sort of thing and Joe Egender makes for a fiendishly off-the-wall psychotic rockabilly.

However, too many plot strands - like the pregnant Michelle playing host to something nasty - seem bolted on as an afterthought and a lack of consistent tone means it all ends up a bit of a mess.

Still, if you thought Mark Lamarr was the scariest rockabilly then you should probably think again.