1990 Certificate: 15


Jack Nicholson directs and stars in a belated sequel to Chinatown, reprising his role as nosy private eye Jake Gittes, this time embroiled in the affairs - adulterous and otherwise - of shady property developer Jake Berman (Harvey Keitel). The original's Oscar-winning writer Robert Towne follows up with another twirly script but was undoubtedly a victim of his own success. Unfairly dismissed on its release, Nicholson's quirky little thriller is well worth investigating, coming with bags of noirish style and a turn to relish from Keitel.


  • Jack Nicholson


  • Jack Nicholson

  • Harvey Keitel

  • Eli Wallach

  • Meg Tilly

  • Frederic Forrest

  • Ruben Blades

  • Madeleine Stowe