2014 Certificate: 12


Crime writer Patricia Highsmith's tale of a murderous menage-a-trois under the Greek sun gets a melodramatic treatment from director Hossein Amini, the acclaimed writer of Drive. Viggo Mortensen is Chester MacFarland, a sleek Manhattan financier who is doing the rounds of Europe's grand sights with his younger wife Colette (Kristen Dunst). While in Athens they make the acquaintance of American tour guide Rydal (Oscar Isaac), a minor league ducker and diver whose dodgy connections come in useful when Chester's angry creditors coming looking for him. Deception, distrust and adultery propel the trio into a labyrinthine nightmare.


  • Hossein Amini


  • Viggo Mortensen

  • Kirsten Dunst

  • Oscar Isaac

  • Daisy Bevan

  • James Sobol Kelly


Whoever said beware of Greeks bearing gifts could equally apply the maxim to slick American moneyman Chester (Mortensen), who we first meet resplendent in immaculate linen suit escorting his eye-candy young wife Colette (Dunst) around the Acropolis.

Behind the refined and cultivated facade, he is a Madoff-style financial swindler...and his creditors - who could well be Mafia - are hot on his trail with a private detective ready to pounce and ensure that Chester does the decent thing, i.e. pay them back.

However, a confrontation gets out of hand and the gumshoe winds up dead in Chester's hotel bathroom. There is now the small matter of how to get rid of the body...and get out of Greece.

So it's just as well for the elegant swindler that he's earlier cultivated the friendship of American tour guide Rydal (Isaac), a small-scale scammer whose dodgy connections mean that he can provide Chester and his wife with replacement passports as the originals are in the hotel safe.

The trio board a ferry to Crete to escape the hue and cry...but their speedy flight throws the awkward threesome into a slow-burning close proximity as Rydal finds himself smitten with Colette while experiencing a see-saw relationship - friend one minute, foe the next - with her charismatic scheming husband.