2010 Certificate: 12


The third iteration of the Twilight Saga finds Bella in a terrible quandary: choose between her true love and vampire boyfriend Edward, and her close friend, werewolf Jacob. R-Pattz, K-Stew and what's-his-face... er, T-Lau?... return in the franchise which kicked off as a low-budget indie flick and is now part of Hollywood's lifeblood.


  • David Slade


  • Robert Pattinson

  • Kristen Stewart

  • Taylor Lautner

  • Peter Facinelli


Three films down the line, unorthodox girl-next-door Bella (Stewart) and century-old vampire Edward (Pattinson) are negotiating their unusual relationship whilst trying to graduate from high school and ignore the giant Jacob Black-shaped elephant in the room (Taylor Lautner).

While Bella struggles with the prospect of bidding farewell to her friends and family as she looks ahead to a new life as a vampire, the Cullens are more bothered about a string of brutal murders in nearby Seattle which bear all the hallmarks of a newborn vampire army.

But little do they know old enemy Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) is behind the attacks, deviously plotting her revenge on Edward.

It'll be no surprise that teen angst is rife in this movie as Bella finds herself smack in the middle of a love triangle, caught between two gorgeous supernatural beings both of whom profess their undying love for her.

Somehow it's hard to feel sympathy for a leading lady who pouts her way through the first act and snogs her way through the second.

But there are some genuinely heartfelt moments amidst the heartache, on occasion beautifully played by a leading trio whose acting ability isn't what one might call Oscar-worthy.

It's not until the pouting is over and the snogging begins that the film begins to pick up pace.

Once the threat of Victoria's newborn vampire posse is revealed, it's a race to the finish as the Cullen clan and their new found allies, the Queilute werewolves, begin to train for their impending battle (cue an 80s-style montage that would put Rocky to shame).

The action makes up for the brood-fest in many ways. Finally the Cullens get a chance to shine as we get a glimpse of the true monsters that lie behind their gentle golden eyes.

The backstories of Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) are particularly compelling as we witness their violent vampire beginnings. But it's the film's fantastic final fight scene that proves this is more than just another love story.

As with previous Twilight films, and in fact any book-to-screen adaptation, fans won't be happy to see certain favourite scenes cut short and others left out altogether.

But the franchise has finally produced a movie that all will be able to enjoy - even hard-done-by boyfriends who've been dragged kicking and screaming to see it.