1957 Certificate: pg


Whodunit starring Donald Wolfit and Robert Bray. The survivors of a wartime resistance group try to unmask the traitor in their midst.


  • Michael Mccarthy


  • Robert Bray

  • Donald Wolfit


Scenery-chewing Donald Wolfit stars in this British variation on the whodunit theme, as survivors of a wartime resistance movement find themselves with one last dangerous mission. The supporting cast seems to include pretty well every Nazi-playing actor from British films of the Fifties, including Anton Diffring, Carl Jaffe, Karel Stepanek, Frederick Schiller and - soon to aspire to greater things - Christopher Lee. The specially written musical piece, Prelude, which has a vital part to play in the plot's unfolding, is hauntingly appealing. But too much talk tends to spoil the script's surprises.