1944 Certificate: u


Donald Duck is the bumbling tourist who links this compilation of shorts with a South American theme, featuring a mix of live-action and animation. Catchy musical numbers, chilly penguins and a manic rooster: they're all here in this lively travelogue.


  • Jack Kinney

  • Clyde Geronimi

  • Bill Roberts

  • Norman Ferguson

  • Harold Young


  • Joaquin Geray

  • José Oliviera

  • Clarence Nash


Donald Duck sings! If Mickey Mouse had soared to a career peak as The Sorcerer's Apprentice, then the spluttering duck enjoys his finest hour vocalising with Joe Carioca the parrot and Panchito the rooster, and dancing with Aurora Miranda in this brilliant Disney cartoon/live-action compilation that ends with a whizzbang tour of Mexico. Earlier cartoon sequences introduce such memorable characters as Pablo the Cold-Blooded Penguin and The Flying Donkey. And, just as you are starting to yawn at the antics of the live actors, Disney peps you up again with such brilliant cartoon images as a little train chugging through gardens of flowers against a background of black. Altogether, it's a quacker.