1963 Certificate: u


Disney's animated take on Arthurian legend follows young English squire Wart (Rickie Sorensen) as he shakes off his lowly status to fulfil his royal destiny... with a little help from magician Merlin (Karl Swenson) and a bit of luck involving a mystical sword stuck in a stone. The transmogrifying battle between Merlin and sneaky witch Madam Mim (Martha Wentworth) is the undisputed highlight of an adventure made to light up the Dark Ages.


  • Wolfgang Reitherman


  • Karl Swenson

  • Rickie Sorenson

  • Sebastian Cabot

  • Martha Wentworth


'A whiz-bang wizard of whimsy!' clamoured the publicity for this delightful Disney feature cartoon about the young days of King Arthur.

Kids will relish a whole range of inventive characters, including Archimedes, the wizard's owl, and the self-described 'marvellous, mad, mad, mad Madame Mim', a witch with pink hair.

It's a dazzling show.