1958 Certificate: u


Swashbuckling adventure starring June Laverick as Robin Hood's daughter, who disguises herself as a man to rid England of the wicked Black Duke. With David Hedison.


  • George Sherman


  • Marius Goring

  • June Laverick

  • David Farrar

  • Al Hedison


Not so much Son as Daughter of, with trim British blonde June Laverick swashing many a buckle as the offspring of the famous Sherwood outlaw. The Hollywood influence is pronounced in the presence of veteran western director George Sherman and American star Al Hedison, fresh from playing The Fly, ensuring that 20th Century-Fox financing reaped the rewards on both sides of the Atlantic. David Farrar (as the Black Duke! ) and Philip Friend had also spent some years in Hollywood. The hearty features of George Woodbridge make a robust Little John, although staring-eyed villain George Coulouris is somewhat rum casting as Alan A'Dale. Otherwise characterisation is in the best, full-blooded comic-strip tradition, as is the action, handled in highly professional style by the director. Laverick's finest hour.