1976 Certificate: u


Disney fantasy starring the ever-hapless Dean Jones as an ambitious lawyer who is struck by an ancient curse that keeps turning him into an English sheepdog. Not the ideal platform for someone who's running for political office. The mix of silliness and suspense made this one of Disney's highest grossing live-action adventures ever. So what are you waiting for? Fetch!


  • Robert Stevenson


  • Dean Jones

  • Suzanne Pleshette

  • Tim Conway


This Disney canine caper is based on a book by Felix Salten, the author of Bambi, and is a follow-up to the studio's 1959 film 'The Shaggy Dog'.

Dean Jones has the role originally played by Tommy Kirk as a young lawyer running for the office of District Attorney, but whose past catches up with him in the shape of an ancient curse that turns him into a dog at the most unfortunate moments.

Especially funny are scenes in a dog-pound that hark back to those in Lady and the Tramp.