1987 Certificate: pg


Comedy starring Michael J Fox as a Kansas boy determined to make it to the top of corporate New York. With Helen Slater and Richard Jordan.


  • Herbert Ross


  • Richard Jordan

  • Michael J Fox

  • Margaret Whitton

  • Helen Slater


Hick from the sticks Michael J Fox wants the ultimate yuppie dream - a penthouse in New York, a Jacuzzi, a beautiful girlfriend and a private jet to go home in. Setting up in an abandoned office, his life becomes ever more complicated by the attentions of his uncle's neglected wife and the fact that the girl of his dreams is his uncle's mistress. This is a nice twist on the classic screwball farces of the 1930s, but given a leaden treatment and suffering from a lightweight central performance as well as from the Eighties vogue for a loud pop soundtrack to replace dialogue and speed up the action. The film does capture well New York as a city of gleaming steel and concrete, but too often the characters seem to be made of the same stuff - all except Margaret Whitton, superb in a lip-smacking portrait of comic sexual hunger.