2011 Certificate: 15


When small-town student Sara (Minka Kelly) arrives on her first day at her LA university, she's delighted that her roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester) seems to be the perfect best friend. However, her new buddy begins to show a possessive streak that takes a dark turn. Gossip Girl Meester goes bad in this good-looking thriller that plays out like Single White Female remade in Melrose Place. Look out for Titanic cad Billy Zane as a fashion lecturer who just might be on Rebecca's hitlist.


  • Christian E Christiansen


  • Minka Kelly

  • Leighton Meester

  • Cam Gigandet

  • Alyson Michalka


It comes to a pretty pass when the scariest thing about a thriller is Billy Zane's choice of hat.

However, this is the sorry state of affairs in a wannabe psychological nailbiter that channels 90s nerve-tingler Single White Female through Beverly Hills 90210.

Minka Kelly, daughter of Aerosmith plank-spanker Rick Dufay, plays Sara (the Bridget Fonda character) who finds herself sharing college digs with on-the-face-of-it-decent-enough-gal Rebecca (Meester in the Jennifer Jason Leigh role).

Rebecca is fine but a bit odd - she blanks Kelly's new goodtime gal chum Tracy (Michalka), throws a wobbler when Sara stays out late and makes her disapproval clear when Sara begins dating fratboy hunk Stephen (Gigandet).

Next up she's attacking Tracy in the shower, stalking Sara's every move and - for good measure - putting her roommate's ickle kitten on spin cycle. Turns out she's more than just a bit weird. She's psycho.

Covering tediously familiar territory, this is only enlivened by the appearance of Billy Zane's fashion guru in a grey-check tam-o-shanter declaring his love of Yves Saint Laurent.

Meester occasionally impresses as the unhinged stalker but Kelly and Gigandet have to fall back on their cheekbones while Danneel Ackles rocks up as a lesbian designer to offer some titillation to the teenage boy demographic.

Patience is finally exhausted when - in a scene lifted straight from SWF - Rebecca clambers into bed with Sara's ex and pretends to be her.

File under guilty pleasure.