1991 Certificate: pg


Comic-based adventure starring Bill Campbell as a dashing pilot in 1930s LA who becomes an airborne crimefighter after stumbling upon a prototype rocket pack. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids director Joe Johnston piles on the Saturday morning serial-style thrills, with Jennifer Connelly on girlfriend duty and Alan Arkin as chief mechanic. Meanwhile, Timothy Dalton reverts to villainous type following his stint as 007...


  • Joe Johnston


  • Bill Campbell

  • Jennifer Connelly

  • Timothy Dalton

  • Alan Arkin


Here's an enjoyable adventure, set in 1938, about a revolutionary rocket pack that, when strapped to a man's back, can jet him around the skies.

But when hero Bill Campbell uses it in a daring aerial rescue, he attracts the attention of not only the FBI and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes (Terry O'Quinn - Locke in Lost), but also a group of Nazi infiltrators led by a swashbuckling movie star (former 007 Timothy Dalton).

A colourful B-caper.