perfect score the DI 4
2003 Running time: 93 Certificate: 12 Not yet rated
Perfect Score, The 1S


The Breakfast Club turns criminal as six cheating students find that exams are hard to take but even harder to steal. Hollywood awarded main culprit Chris Evans a Fantastic Four out of ten, while Scarlett Johansson also went on to score a multiple choice of top roles after this Ocean's Eleven-ish high school heist.


  • Brian Robbins


  • Chris Evans

  • Scarlett Johansson

  • Bryan Greenberg

  • Darius Miles

  • Erika Christensen


When aspiring student architect Kyle (Evans) cheats in an exam, he doesn't merely peep over a cardiganed shoulder when the invigilator isn't looking.

He puts together a crack team of teenage test-fiddlers who bring their own particular skills to the art of appropriating the questions ahead of the exam.

There's his best pal Matty (Greenburg), who wants to join his girlfriend at university. and Anna (Christensen), who has the intellect but not the ambition to get to college.

Stoner school dunce Roy (Leonardo Nam), a wannabe Jackie Chan, hides a talent for computer literacy while basketball ace Desmond (Darius Miles) needs the grades to make the big game.

The Breakfast Club skips class with Ocean's Eleven when the students plot an elaborate plan to break into the local testing headquarters to steal the all important SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) results.

With backers MTV rapidly evolving into Disney for kids who answer back, this is a lamely contrived "it's not what you know it's who you are" type philosophical treatise.

The American SAT system has been open to charges of bias against racial and social groups but these issues are paid lip service rather addressed head on.

Any wit, such as there is, is limited to Kyle commenting the exam should be renamed the Suck Ass Test. Oh, how we laughed.

Bearing in mind Scarlett Johansson has been graduating with honours in movies such as Lost in Translation and Girl With A Pearl Earring, her appearance here as free-thinking rebel must be the casting equivalent of fluffing an "O" Level.

Even with a lazily-written role with risible dialogue, she's still in a class of her own compared with the rest...but that's not saying much.

Must try harder.


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