1974 Certificate: 15


Superb conspiracy thriller starring Warren Beatty as a journalist whose snooping into a senator's assassination gets him into deep trouble. Director Alan J Pakula warmed up for the intrigue of All The President's Men with this intensely gripping tale of corrupt politicos, shady corporations and men in suits. Paula Prentiss plays witness while Beatty rakes the muck in a committed performance that proved he was more than just a pretty face.


  • Alan J Pakula


  • Warren Beatty

  • Hume Cronyn

  • Paula Prentiss


The Manchurian Candidate taken a stage further: this black thriller from director Alan J Pakula opens with the assassination of a presidential candidate and proceeds along familiar, if nightmare, roads - the 'assassin' is swiftly dispatched and material witnesses disappear faster than a tub of butter under the grill.

Can crusading reporter Warren Beatty penetrate the 'Parallax Corporation' and bring them to book?

Stylish and persuasive, this is a much more consistent film than Pakula's earlier Klute and infinitely more complex than it first appears.

Hume Cronyn almost steals Beatty's acting thunder as an editor who seems to produce his paper single-handed.

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