2015 Certificate: 15


Working mom Emily (Taylor Schilling) and stay-at-home dad Alex (Adam Scott) think they've made new best friends when they meet Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) and Charlotte (Judith Godrèche) shortly after moving from Seattle to LA. Invited to the cool couple's home for a playdate for their sons, things quickly get a little too 'grown-up' for comfort as buttoned-up Emily and Alex realise their hosts aren't as straightforward as they appear. Naughtiness abounds in this laugh-out-loud sex comedy.


  • Patrick Brice


  • Adam Scott

  • Jason Schwartzman

  • Taylor Schilling

  • Judith Godrèche

  • RJ Hermes

  • Max Moritt

  • Kyle Field


It's been almost fifty years since the sex comedy benchmark was set with Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. 

Since then we've had watch through our fingers as the Hobbit got jiggy in Swinging With The Finkels to - rather more successfully - Steve Carell losing his cherry in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Now Jason Schwartzman plus comedy appendage bursts onto our screens in writer-director Patrick Brice's smuttily playful tale of two couples testing their sexual boundaries...and failing to measure up.

Schwartzman shines as Kurt, a slappable Los Angeles hipster who can intimidatingly turn his hand from everything to serenading his son to sleep with an electric piano to inventing a freshwater filter that's set to save the Third World.

After meeting newcomers and fellow parents Alex (Scott) and Emily (Orange Is The New Black's Schilling) he impresses with his knowledge of the best local oysters and invites them to bring their nipper for a playdate at his mega mansion.

The couples - including Kurt's impossibly pretty European wife (Godrèche) - hit it off and it's decided to put the children to sleep so that adults can...slug wine, toke weed through oversized bongs and generally loosen up.

Suitably relaxed, Kurt judges that it's time to demonstrate his spouse's kills as an actress and puts on a DVD graphically showing her skills with a lactation machine. A suitably oiled Alex and Emily immediately recoil but are sweet-talked into staying with the lure of even more treats.

As the sexual chemistry begins to fizz, allegiances ebb and flow yet ardour-dampening revelations ensure this doesn't automatically progress to a hipster orgy.

The principal joy here is the superlative interaction between the four main players as secrets and lies are drunkenly teased out  and - more basically - Schwartzman and Scott are given full rein to mine the comedy of embarrassment in a naked swimming pool scene.

Yet serious points are made as the foursome get into the swing.

Tim Evans