2009 Certificate: pg


Versatile Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky (Tango and Cash) delivers an enjoyably delirious take on the classic children's Christmas story. It's 1920s Vienna and Mary (Elle Fanning) receives a gift from her Uncle Albert - that's Einstein - played by Nathan Lane. It's a wooden nutcracker who turns into a boy prince (Charlie Rowe). From there it's a battle between good and evil, with dolls that come to life, toy-eating furnaces and John Turturro as the Rat King, the fiendish leader of Nazi-style stormtroopers. Think Terry Gilliam for kids and you're not wide of the mark.


  • Andrei Konchalovsky


  • Elle Fanning

  • Nathan Lane

  • John Turturro

  • Richard E Grant

  • Frances De La Tour