The Nutcracker 3D
2009 Running time: 104 Certificate: pg Not yet rated
KA The Nutcracker


Versatile Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky (Tango and Cash) delivers an enjoyably delirious take on the classic children's Christmas story. It's 1920s Vienna and Mary (Elle Fanning) receives a gift from her Uncle Albert - that's Einstein - played by Nathan Lane. It's a wooden nutcracker who turns into a boy prince (Charlie Rowe). From there it's a battle between good and evil, with dolls that come to life, toy-eating furnaces and John Turturro as the Rat King, the fiendish leader of Nazi-style stormtroopers. Think Terry Gilliam for kids and you're not wide of the mark.


  • Andrei Konchalovsky


  • Elle Fanning

  • Nathan Lane

  • John Turturro

  • Richard E Grant

  • Frances De La Tour