1960 Certificate: pg


Fast and furious slapstick farce starring Brian Rix as a man persecuted by a talking parrot.


  • Darcy Conyers


  • Brian Rix

  • Ronald Shiner

  • Dora Bryan


A fast and furious farce about a man reincarnated as a parrot, with the regulars from the Brian Rix Theatre of Laughter well at ease with humour that's a notch below the contemporary 'Carry On' films. Never mind, there are some priceless cameo performances from the supporting cast, including Robertson Hare as a dithering doctor, John le Mesurier as a long-suffering court clerk, Kynaston Reeves, hilarious as a deaf magistrate, and Terry Scott as a constable. But it's rather sad to see Ronald Shiner in support of Rix, who was once his own film second banana.