2017 Certificate: 15


After their son goes missing, distraught Hee-Yeon (Yum Jung-Ah) and her husband, Min-Ho (Park Hyuk-Kwon) move to the remote countryside to make a fresh start with their young daughter, Jun-Hee (Bang Yu-seol), and Hee-Yeon's elderly mother. One night, they find a little girl (Shin Rin-A) wandering in the woods and Hee-Yeon fights to keep her. Soon, strange occurrences begin...and the family realise they have triggered malevolent forces.


  • Jung Huh


  • Jung-ah Yum

  • Hyuk-kwon Park

  • Jin Heo

  • Rin-Ah Shin

  • Yu-sul Bang

  • Jun Hyeok Lee