1971 Certificate: pg


Herbie's co-driver Dean Jones stars as a goofy scientist who brings home a laboratory duck that starts laying eggs with solid gold yolks. Unsurprisingly, everyone wants a piece of the bird, from scheming lawyers and greedy neighbours to the US Treasury Department. The quacks begins to show in Disney's winning fantasy.


  • Vincent Mceveety


  • Dean Jones

  • Sandy Duncan

  • Tony Roberts

  • Jack Kruschen


Sandy Duncan is a smart little American actress-comedienne who never quite made it in the movies. Here's her best try, a funny family comedy about a duck that lays eggs with solid gold yolks.

It's hard not to be charmed by Sandy's bright-eyed, fizzy performance, especially when she's trying to deposit one of the eggs in her bank account.

Personable support from a whole roster of Disney stalwarts, including Dean Jones, Edward Andrews, Joe Flynn, Jack Kruschen, Arthur Hunnicutt and Vaughn Taylor, and a hectic chase that culminates in a rooftop rescue add to the winning omelette of ingredients here.