1954 Certificate: pg


Terence Rattigan comedy starring John Justin and Moira Shearer. A British diplomat pursues a series of red-headed women throughout his career.


  • Harold French


  • John Justin

  • Denholm Elliott

  • Roland Culver

  • Moira Shearer


Sometimes witty but often dated, this is Terence Rattigan's screen adaptation of his own play Who is Sylvia? , with John Justin as a married British diplomat suffering a fate similar to that experienced by Colonel Blimp, in that he keeps falling for red-haired girls who all look the same. This is perhaps not surprising, as they're all played by actress-ballerina Moira Shearer, who does get to dance in extracts from The Sleeping Beauty. The film's attitudes to class do it little credit, but there is compensation in a string of cameo roles played with real dry wit: Harry Andrews' butler, Joan Benham's model, Patricia Cutts' good time girl, Moyra Fraser's sardonic Ethel and, perhaps best of all, Gladys Cooper as a wife of long experience who has all the answers. Denholm Elliott appears in an early screen part.