2014 Certificate: 12


Divorced couple Richard (Pierce Brosnan) and Kate (Emma Thompson) are forced back together when a corrupt French businessman makes off with their pension plan money. Determined to recover their cash they plan a daring revenge heist with the help of married duo Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie.


  • Joel Hopkins


  • Pierce Brosnan

  • Emma Thompson

  • Tuppence Middleton

  • Timothy Spall

  • Celia Imrie

  • Marisa Berenson

  • Louise Bourgoin


Richard (Brosnan) is on the point of retirement when his company is bought out and sent into recievership, leaving him, his employees, and his ex-wife Kate (Thompson) without the pensions they've been counting on. Outraged, he and Kate head to Paris to confront the man responsible.

Faced with the fact that the company take-down was entirely legal, the pair decide to take matters into their own hands and steal back what's been taken. They recruit a couple of friends (Imrie and Spall) and set about planning a heist.

Along the way, as they're thrown into ever more perilous situations, Richard and Kate begin feel a rekindling of romance.

More proof that Thompson is a national treasure. She's capably supported by the always excellent Imrie and Spall, and Brosnan is as charming as ever. All four of them do their utmost to bring a sense of life and fun.