1997 Running time: 129 Certificate: pg Rating: 4


Steven Spielberg's monster adventure sequel starring Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore. A survivor of the Jurassic Park catastrophe goes to a second island populated by genetically engineered dinosaurs - and this lot really go to town...


  • Steven Spielberg


  • Jeff Goldblum

  • Julianne Moore

  • Vince Vaughn

  • Richard Attenborough

  • Pete Postlethwaite

  • Arliss Howard


The dinos are back --- and better than ever as this sequel mixes bits of the first film with King Kong for thrilling entertainment. It seems there was a second island site, where dinosaurs were allowed to mix freely. Once an expedition arrives, the dinos quickly get the upper hand... Jeff Goldblum again stars but the best performance comes from Pete Postlethwaite as a hard-headed hunter.