2010 Certificate: 12


Andy Diggle's gritty graphic novel is adapted for the big screen, with refreshingly name-defying results. When an elite Special Forces team (Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan et al) are betrayed and left for dead, they team up with mysterious, sexy benefactor (Avatar's Zoe Saldana) to bring down the man responsible. With a modest budget and quirky sense of humour, The Losers bring the action, sexiness and laughs in equal measure.


  • Sylvain White


  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • Zoe Saldana

  • Chris Evans

  • Idris Elba

  • Jason Patric


With Sly and co's 80s muscle-heavy nirvana dream The Expendables and the mega-budget franchise-certified The A-Team reboot all ready to blow the doors off this summer's action blockbuster genre, The Losers may seem ominously guaranteed to live up to its name.

Yet with a spunky, underdog spirit all of its own, endearing characters, explosive set-pieces and a self-aware, quippy sense of humour, it manages to hold its own against the Big Guns.

The 542nd comic book adaptation of the summer is based on Andy Diggle's gritty, witty cult classic, following the adventures of an elite black-ops Special Forces team who are betrayed by their handler, Max.

With nowhere left to go and no one to turn to, the testosterone implosion finds itself tempered by the arrival of Aisha (Saldana), a mysterious, sexy benefactor with legs and an attitude as deadly as her gunslinging skills.

With a budget a mere fraction of its rivals, and a refreshingly modest sprinkling of big-name actors, The Losers is already fighting for your general popcorn-thrower's attention.

Luckily, Diggle's effortlessly cool source material has been complemented with some canny casting, ensuring the ragtag group of off-kilter stereotypes are a gang that are as much fun to watch as they clearly were to play.

Fantastic Four's Evans once again steals the show as the team's nerdy tech guy Jensen, while Watchmen star Morgan's 'antihero with a heart of gold' leader Clay trades blows and assured posturing with Saldana's Aisha to entertaining effect.

The only weak link is Jason Patric's hammy villain, some sporadically lacklustre pacing, and an alternative tone that just won't be to every action fan's tastes (an escape scene to the tune of 'Don't Stop Believing' proves its tongue is quite firmly in cheek).

Still, with a stomping soundtrack, a revolving number of action scenes tailor-made to push the requisite fanboy buttons (Zoe Saldana, tight jeans and a bazooka, anyone?), and a grin-worthy ensemble chemistry, The Losers prove that while they're not quite The A-Team, they're sure as hell proud of it too.

Elliott Noble