2010 Certificate: 18


Geezer princelings Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer star in this London-set post-apocalyptic thriller. A man wakes up in the middle of the road in a deserted city. He does not know who he is... but he does know that he can't trust his six fellow survivors. Debut director Imran Naqvi's thriller features stunning shots of an eerily empty London and for Dyer fans the great man himself turns up as the Angel of Death.


  • Imran Naqvi


  • Danny Dyer

  • Tamer Hassan

  • Daisy Head

  • Rita Ramnani

  • Simon Phillips


It's perhaps no surprise that the streets of London are deserted (of women anyway) when the news comes that ex-celebrity Zoo columnist Danny Dyer is on set.

The falling star of Pimp and Dead Man Running plays the Angel of Death in this initially effective post-apocalyptic thriller from first-time director Imran Naqvi.

A besuited figure (Phillips) comes to in a damp street in the heart London. It's utterly silent and he slowly realises that the city is completely empty. What to do? Well, smash up a car, obviously.

After this bizarre outburst of vandalism, he climbs to the top of a skyscraper where he's surprised by the appearance of a cognac-swigging toff (Mawson), who introduces him to a disparate group who appear to have survived whatever it was that cleared out the city.

Among them there's doe-eyed Chloe (Head), gun-wielding squaddie Jack (Hassan) and what appears to be Alan Rickman's less attractive elder brother (Vibert).

Gingerly, the little group of amnesiac survivors make their way through the streets totally unaware that they're being watched. By Danny Dyer. Ooh-er.

Naqvi achieves an impressive 28 Days Later-style amtmosphere of deserted London...but, unfortunately, it looks like a decent scriptwriter has also joined the mass exodus.

This kernel of a good idea might appeal to less-demanding X-Files fans but clunky exposition and some decidedly wonky acting (Hassan's the best thing about it) slowly bleed the lifeblood out of a leaky plot.

Still, at least the congestion charge appears to be working.