2013 Running time: 98 Certificate: 15 Not yet rated


A group of astronaut boffins - including Olivia Williams' antsy scientist and Liev Shreiber's systems officer - are coming to the end of an unsuccessful mission to collect specimens on Mars. However, just as they are about to leave, egghead Marko Petrovich (Goran Kostic) goes out for one more root around... and doesn't live to regret it. Suit up for a suspenseful trip to the Red Planet.


  • Ruairi Robinson


  • Liev Shreiber

  • Olivia Williams

  • Romola Garai

  • Goran Kostic

  • Elias Koteas

  • Johnny Harris


In the not-so-distant future, mankind has built an outpost on Mars where an ongoing mission to investigate and research the Red Planet is taking place.

The latest crew are ending a six month stint, but with just a day to go before they get a ride back to the mothership, the atmosphere is tense and the crew fatigued.

One particular scientist, Marko (Kostic), has just discovered a sample that points to the existence of life on Mars, but rather than spread the word, he comes up with an excuse to visit the site of the sample to check his research.

However, while he's investigating, an accident leads to Marko's apparent death, and the sample he picked up may well be quite the opposite of life.