1958 Certificate: pg


In a classic true story of wartime heroics, Ingrid Bergman stars as Gladys Aylward, the English missionary who saw it as her destiny to live in China and saved more than 100 orphans after Japan invaded. A stirring tale of noble self-sacrifice, albeit with a fictitious romantic strand that embarrassed the real Aylward.


  • Mark Robson


  • Ingrid Bergman

  • Robert Donat

  • Curt Jurgens


A moving story of a dedicated missionary (deftly played by Ingrid Bergman) in the China of the early 20th Century.

The film is made more touching by being the last in which the splendid Robert Donat was to appear - his performance as The Mandarin with whom the missionary finds common ground sometimes proves painful to watch.

Surging, emotive drama.