1963 Certificate: u


Much-loved family adventure about three pets who get separated from their owners on a vacation and are forced to make a perilous 250-mile trek across Canada to get home. There's action and incident all the way as the two pooches and their Siamese companion come face to face with the great, big, scary outdoors. An incredible journey with performances to match from the four-legged stars.


  • Fletcher Markle


  • Emile Genest

  • Tommy Tweed

  • John Drainie


The things done by the three animal stars of this exciting Disney adventure would put even Lassie to shame.

All in all, Sheila Burnford's book about a retriever, an old bull terrier and a Siamese cat who trek 300 miles together to return home across mountain, river and forest was a sitter for the Disney album.

With all due respect to dog-lovers, it's Tao the cat who's the real star of film. For one thing, he has more to do than the two dogs.

He fights a bear and a lynx (not at the same time! ), is swept away in a raging torrent (and survives), and rescues the two dogs when they are locked up by a friendly trapper who thinks he's doing them a good turn.