2010 Certificate: 18


Gary Stretch is the troubled gangster who can't escape his life of crime in this Brit crime thriller from first time writer-director Marcus Warren. There are plenty of recognisable mugs on view, including Vinnie Jones as a detective and Stephen Rea as a classy mob boss.


  • Marc Warren


  • Gary Stretch

  • Stephen Rea

  • Vinnie Jones

  • Christopher Lee


Mitch 'Boots' Mason is a tortured soul.

An ex-con and hired thug who performs low-level crimes to make a buck or two, he's steeped in regret having accidentally killed a man once, leading to the departure of his wife and child. And to top it off, his brother is a successful politician, living the kind of life Mason covets.

On the bright side, Mason's just a job or two away from ending his association with Mr Anawalt (Rea), a mob boss with a pin-striped suit and a penchant for mob cliches, but trouble's always around the corner.

Be it shotgun shootouts, Vinnie Jones' oddball detective or Lee Ryan, once of boyband Blue, as Anawalt's cocky son, there's always something liable to complicate his life.

Eventually, Anawalt gives Mitch an opportunity to kill his politician brother, and Mitch barges into a sexy young lady's flat and sets himself up for the assassination.

But who exactly set the hit up? Why does Mitch want his own brother dead? Will Mitch kill the toy cat he's throwing around? And what is Vinnie Jones's beard all about?