1999 Certificate: 18


Shawshank adapter Frank Darabont weaves his magic on Stephen King's other Depression-era prison yarn. Tom Hanks is the Death Row guard torn between his duties and the growing conviction that giant inmate John Coffey (the Oscar-nominated Michael Clarke Duncan) is not only innocent, but possessed of a supernatural gift. Sam Rockwell makes an early impression as Hanks' sadistic colleague in this engrossing and ultimately uplifting tale.


  • Frank Darabont


  • Tom Hanks

  • Michael Clarke Duncan

  • Sam Rockwell

  • David Morse

  • James Cromwell

  • Harry Dean Stanton


Set on Death Row in a Southern prison in 1935, The Green Mile is the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's 1996 best-selling novel.

It is the remarkable story of a prison guard who develops a poignant, unusual relationship with one inmate who possesses a magical gift that is both mysterious and miraculous.

Two-time Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks stars as Paul Edgecomb, the Death Row head guard.

He relates in flashback a mystical account about his time at Louisiana State Penitentiary and his watch over convicted killers awaiting execution in the electric chair.

Michael Clarke Duncan, in his first major role, plays John Coffey, a hulkng, seven-foot inmate convicted of brutally murdering two young girls.

His gentle, naive nature and unusual powers starkly contrast with his appearance, and raise questions in Edgecomb's mind about Coffey's guilt.

After The Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont returns to the director's chair for the first time in five years to make his second King adaptation a resounding success.