1991 Certificate: 15


Offbeat comedy starring Bob Hoskins, Natasha Richardson and Jeff Goldblum.


  • Ben Lewin


  • Angela Pleasence

  • Bob Hoskins

  • Jeff Goldblum

  • Jean-Pierre Cassel

  • Natasha Richardson


A surreal, stylised comedy that has some attractive elements, but one major fault: apart from one or two isolated moments, it just isn't funny. Bob Hoskins is Louis, a photographer of staged religious scenes who, through a favour to a friend, becomes involved with Sybil (Natasha Richardson), who runs a beauty parlour and doubles as a voice-over actress for porno movies. She in turn tells him about her affair with a glum pianist (Jeff Goldblum), whom she drove to madness and violence when seduced by a demon violinist. The pianist emerges from jail to be grabbed by Louis who wants him to pose as Jesus in a series of tableaux. The problem is that the pianist, who has vengeance on Sybil (who has disappeared) in mind, begins to live his role. Hoskins and Richardson both deliver strained, uncomfortable performances and director Ben Lewin signals the few funny moments heavily.