1961 Certificate: pg


Texas ranger Cutter (John Wayne) is forced to team up with his prisoner (Stuart Whitman) when they run into a gang of arms dealers known as the Comancheros. Lee Marvin clocks up another small but telling bad guy role in a gun-blazing western that keeps everyone on the edge of their saddles. This turned out to be director Michael Curtiz's last film, with Wayne taking over directing duties when Curtiz became too ill to continue.


  • Michael Curtiz


  • John Wayne

  • Stuart Whitman

  • Lee Marvin

  • Ina Balin


The explosive action scenes are the best things about this rumbustious John Wayne Western, as one might expect from the Hungarian-born director Michael Curtiz, whose last film this was.

Curtiz made almost all of Errol Flynn's best action films, including Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Sea Hawk. You may also be aware of a little wartime romance he made called Casablanca.

Wayne, of course, remains largely impervious to direction, although the story goes that he was required to deliver a spectacular ad-lib during shooting when a pack of horses, affected by the heat, bolted forward in the direction of a group of children.

The Duke, sharper than anyone, broke away from the scene he was playing and flung himself on the nearest horse, preventing a tragedy.

Well, that's the story... For the rest, Lee Marvin makes a fine, swaggering, half-scalped bad guy but disappears all too soon.