1994 Certificate: 15


John Grisham thriller starring Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Renfro. An 11-year-old boy hires a lawyer when his life is put in danger after he witnesses the suicide of a Mafia lawyer.


  • Joel Schumacher


  • Brad Renfro

  • Susan Sarandon

  • Mary-Louise Parker

  • Tommy Lee Jones

  • Anthony LaPaglia

  • Ossie Davis


John Grisham's super suspense yarn makes for one of the best and slickest movies of the bestselling courtroom thriller author's works. Eleven-year-old Brad Renfro witnesses the suicide of a Mafia lawyer who shot himself after telling the boy things the DA would like to hear. The terrified lad decides not to spill the beans to the cops and contacts ex-alcoholic lawyer Reggie (Susan Sarandon) to help. But Mafia hitmen try first to frighten, then silence the kid before he can tell the FBI where a certain body is hidden. The ensuing drama packs lots of punch, thanks to the riveting, twisty yarn, the splendid double act of Sarandon (who was nominated for an Oscar and won a BAFTA) and Renfro, and a typically wired turn from baddie Tommy Lee Jones as a power-seeking DA.