1996 Certificate: 15


Mystery thriller based on the John Grisham bestseller, starring Chris O'Donnell) as a young lawyer who takes on the defence of a Death Row inmate: his bad ol' grandpappy Gene Hackman. But just because Grandpa's a nasty ex-Klansman doesn't mean he's a murderer. Or does it? The truth is buried deeper than the victims in this ever-twisting yarn.


  • James Foley


  • Gene Hackman

  • Chris O'Donnell

  • Faye Dunaway

  • Robert Prosky


An old Ku Klux Klan activist (Gene Hackman) sits in Death Row awaiting execution for a bombing years before that cost the lives of twin boys.

His lawyer grandson (Chris O'Donnell), whose father committed suicide and whose aunt (Faye Dunaway) is an alcoholic, arrives to fight the case.

Hackman is as reliable as ever as the dead man walking while O'Donnell - whither he now? - prudently lets him steal the show.