2003 Certificate: u


A pair of estranged twin sisters are tricked into competing in a reality TV game show in this action/comedy adventure with the Olsen twins.


  • Craig Shapiro


  • Mary-Kate Olsen

  • Sera Bastian

  • Brian Skala

  • Ashley Olsen

  • Lucas Behnken


As the famous acting twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - who have been performing since they were babes in arms - grow older, they seem less cute, so their lack of acting ability really shows in this predictable action-comedy-adventure.

The twins play sisters who not only are complete opposites in nature but, owing to a family dispute, now hate each other.

They are forced to re-evaluate their relationship when they are picked to be on the same team in an I'm a Celebrity... -style TV reality show.

Harmless enough entertainment for undemanding pre-teens - or adults who don't mind cloying, overcooked sentiment.