1972 Certificate: pg


Robert Redford lives up to his 'golden boy' reputation in this whip-smart political drama. He plays an idealistic young politician who refuses to compromise his ideals for the sake of power. Or at least he does to begin with... Redford oozes charisma and seasoned campaigners Melvyn Douglas and Peter Boyle back him all the way, abetted by Michael Ritchie's zippy direction and an Oscar-winning script that still packs a relevant punch. It deserves your vote.


  • Michael Ritchie


  • Robert Redford

  • Peter Boyle

  • Melvyn Douglas


In his only screenplay, Jeremy Larner scooped an Oscar for this superb thinking person's movie that gives Robert Redford one of his best roles as lawyer Bill McKay, a horribly ingratiating candidate for the US Senate - a part that fits him like a velvet glove.

Starting as a naive, smiling mannequin expected to lose, he soon becomes a nifty, dangerously slippery campaign tactician - a sadder but wiser man.

Director Michael Ritchie, whose forte seemed to be smart comedy, brings the right kind of nifty pace and sassy, in-your-face look to the film-making, but it's the sharp intelligence behind both the script and Redford's performance that makes this movie special.