1997 Certificate: 18


Tough Australian drama starring David Wenham. A psychopathic man returns to his family after a year in prison. With Toni Collette, Lynette Curran.


  • Rowan Woods


  • David Wenham

  • Lynette Curran

  • Toni Collette


Grim and unrelenting, this Australian film focuses on a ghetto family. The oldest son, Brett, is just out of jail. Violence comes out from him in waves. His two brothers, one a layabout with a pregnant girlfriend in tow, the other henpecked and in a low-paid job, are in one day sucked into his world of resentment and hate. The women walk out, people are beaten up and the brothers storm off to a violent destiny. Director Rowan Woods' flash-forward devices don't exactly clarify the narrative, even if you can stick with these thoroughly unpleasant characters who deserve to be locked away. Each scene smoulders with aggression and confrontational dialogue. All too intense though: you can't wait for it to end.