1988 Certificate: 18


Sci-fi horror remake of the Fifties classic, starring Shawnee Smith and Kevin Dillon. A fireball falls from space, releasing a deadly gelatinous monster which terrorises a small town.


  • Chuck Russell


  • Kevin Dillon

  • Shawnee Smith


A rip-roaring remake of the 1958 cult classic. Treasures of that film are preserved here: for example, the amoebic germ mass exploding through the cinema screen (while the audience is watching a slasher film). But The Blob is much more than that: director Chuck Russell uses ominous camera angles, grating music, misty woods, silent streets or swirling sewers to create genuine areas of apprehension. And the random killing of sympathetic characters as well as nasty ones leads to some unusual switches of focus in the plot. In the end it's left to the feisty heroine (Shawnee Smith in an absolute gift of a part into which she throws everything) to take on the monster in much the same death-staring way that Sigourney Weaver tackles her adversaries in Aliens.