1972 Certificate: 15


Acclaimed German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder gets under the skin of a fractious lesbian relationship in this emotionally charged drama. Margit Carstensen is the successful and domineering fashion designer who enters into an all-consuming love affair with a young model (Hanna Schygulla). In German with subtitles.


  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder


  • Margit Carstensen

  • Hanna Schygulla

  • Irm Hermann


Compelling study of an ageing lesbian's all-consuming love for a young model, at the expense of another woman devoted to her.

The power of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's direction, with its clever reliance on props and lighting to suggest all kinds of significance, is undeniable. And Michael Balhaus's striking Agfa Colour images are quite hypnotic in their effect.

One of Fassbinder's most important films, if perhaps not the most accessible, Petra von Kant certainly does unveil a dazzling cinematic box of tricks with its principal performers - Margit Carstensen, Irm Hermann and Hanna Schygulla, all of whom have been in other Fassbinder films - emoting powerfully under his direction.

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