1976 Certificate: 15


Classic underdog caper starring Walter Matthau as the coach of a hopeless little league baseball team who boosts his squad with a new star player - golden-armed tomboy Tatum O'Neal. Once the idea of having a girl on the team sinks in, the boys pull their socks up to turn their fortunes around. Remade in 2004 with Billy Bob Thornton, this boisterous kids' yarn inspired a procession of sporting misfits from Major League to The Mighty Ducks.


  • Michael Ritchie


  • Walter Matthau

  • Tatum O'Neal

  • Vic Morrow


Wonderfully likeable and entertaining feelgood movie about a team of ragamuffin, semi-delinquent, abrasive kids somehow licked into shape as a baseball team by grouchy old Walter Matthau.

Marvellous script by Bill Lancaster hits home in all the right places without you even noticing your emotions are being ruthlessly manipulated.

The baseball action is exciting, there are lots of funny lines and Tatum O'Neal as the team's girl star has never been better.