2010 Certificate: 12


Desperate to become a mum, singleton Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) decides to have a baby by artificial insemination. But no sooner has she gone through the procedure than along comes the man of her dreams, dashing cheesemonger Stan (Alex O'Loughlin). They make the perfect couple... but is her impending arrival going to get in the way? A likeable turn from J-Lo is at the heart of this breezy romcom.


  • Alan Poul


  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Alex O'Loughlin


Mention the phrase "single mum" in this country and the less charitable immediately think of a gaggle of tattoed, tab-puffing teenagers pushing a knackered stroller through a sink estate.

The exquisitely made over J-Lo is the last person you'd expect to join the happy throng queuing outside Greggs but they do things rather differently in the posher parts of Manhattan.

She plays Zoe, a high-flying web financier-turned pet shop owner who, after "hundreds" of relationships that may have heralded the patter of tiny Jimmy Choo-ed feet...but didn't, has decided to go it alone.

Signing up with a top-end fertility clinic. her wisecracking gynaecologist ("I'm not looking at your toes I'm looking at your cervix") successfully performs an artificial insemination and an up-the-stick Zoe skips into the street.

She also gets into a who-got-the-cab-first row with hunky Stan, a stall-holder at a New York farmers' market who comes out with the chat-up line "I'll give you a taste of my cheese." What girl could resist?

Soon Stan and Zoe are getting cosy but is the free-spirited cheesemonger ready for a life of nappies, sleepless nights and crippling pre-school costs if he opts to stay with Jenny from the Maternity Block?

If you can get over the impossibly glamorous lifestyle of the immaculately groomed Zoe and the pumped-up pecs of the good guy goat farmer then Will & Grace screenwriter Kate Angelo's script will strike a few chords.

There's an amusing sub-plot featuring a hippy-ish gang of single mom earth mothers who insist Zoe and Stan attend a too-much-information water birthing party.

And Anthony Andrews pops up as a seen-it-all dad-of-four who warns a horrified Stan what experiences await him, including a rather too graphic concentration on toddlers' obsession with ordure. In fact, this is probably the most faecal-obsessed of all the J-Lo movies. Yes, sirree.

So it's not really a guys' movie...but gals can enter into the spirit if they convince themselves that labour only lasts a couple of minutes and the only artificial aid you might require is lipstick.

Tim Evans