2011 Certificate: 12


British child star Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) plays a fatalistic teenage geek in his first fully-fledged adult role. To offset his feelings of mortality, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with the pretty and more popular Sally (Emma Roberts) in this bittersweet drama. Written and directed by Gavin Wiesen, this is a gentle slow-burner played attractively by the the leads.


  • Gavin Wiesen


  • Freddie Highmore

  • Emma Roberts

  • Michael Angarano

  • Sam Robards

  • Alicia Silverstone


It's a little disturbing - to say the least - when the fetching Emma Roberts asks Charlie of chocolate factory fame to have sex with her.

Now he may have got the golden ticket...but surely there's something odd about a child star (who still looks like a child star) getting the glad eye from the Hollywood minx.

Of course, Freddie Highmore is not playing Charlie anymore but has graduated to his first grown-up role - as fatalistic high school teen George.

Roberts is Sally, a classmate but a far more sophisticated proposition with a promiscuous single mom and an adulterous, long missing dad behind her.

For some reason, she's intrigued by the friendless George, particularly after he takes the rap for her when caught smoking on the roof of his Manhattan school.

Thing is, he's not as noble as she thinks...

Writer-director Gavin Wiesen's gossamer-thin tale asks a lot of Highmore, who could unkindly be referred to as the missing link between child stars Nicholas Hoult and Haley Joel Osment.

He's playing a character with no immediate virtues - he's feckless, lazy and deceitful; all handicaps that are exacerbated by his obvious intelligence.

However, he's doesn't have the emotional intelligence to clock Sally's interest and in a gobsmacking hissy fit repels her overtures and slides into a massive sulk.

You'll be feeling the same.