1974 Certificate: u


Disney comedy-western starring 80s Incredible Hulk star Bill Bixby as a professional gambler who is tricked into looking after three orphans during the 1878 California gold rush. Everyone's out there to make their fortune - but guess who strikes gold first? But with a pair of gold-snatching dimwits (Don Knotts and Tim Conway) trying to steal their claim, there's no rest for the young prospectors, dagnabbit.


  • Norman Tokar


  • Bill Bixby

  • Don Knotts

  • Susan Clark


Although this Western comedy doesn't quite fire on all six-shooters, it was the best Disney romp since Snowball Express three years earlier.

Susan Clark, more usually seen in ladylike roles, revels in her unexpected casting as Dusty, part-time stagecoach owner and full-time wildcat, who becomes involved with a footloose gambler (Bixby), three orphan kids (the gang of the title), two incompetent outlaws (Knotts and Conway) and a gang of desperados headed by Slim Pickens.

Hard-core film fans will be delighted by the supporting cast which includes such stalwarts as David Wayne (as Clark's bombastic father), Marie Windsor, John McGiver and Iris Adrian.

There's also the grizzled, melancholy Harry Morgan as the sheriff, who gets the film's best line when he tells Knotts and Conway: `With you two, it's always 'attempted' robbery!'