1974 Certificate: 18


Sex comedy starring Julie Ege, Diana Dors and Brendan Price. A lusty milkman gets into a series of scrapes.


  • Derren Nesbitt


  • Julie Ege

  • Diana Dors

  • Brendan Price


Much in the vulgar mode of dozens of 'Confessions', 'Adventures' and 'Up' sex romps of the Seventies, this one-man project (actor Derren Nesbitt wrote, produced and directed it) is a touch above that level, if only because its girls are at least sexy and its veteran cast is full of names who have seen better films and better days: Bill Fraser, Patrick Holt, Ray Barrett, Fred Emney, Megs Jenkins, Sam Kydd, Roy Kinnear, Dad's Army's Arnold Ridley and, saddest of all, Diana Dors, slumming it with poor grace as one of many conquests of one-film wonder Brendan Price as the eponymous milkie.